Mar 142019

Legal Director in the manufacturing We have an excellent opportunity to join the team of this client as a Legal Director. This role will provide the opportunity to deepen legal experience as well as contract and commercial skills in a dynamic manufacturing environment. There is significant scope for variety given the challenges presented by the increasing complexity of filtration technology, the complexity of interactions with customers, suppliers and innovation partners, and the need to demonstrate value. Manage direct reports; Lead M&A negotiation and manage outside counsel for M&A projects in the region; Develop and implement strategic initiatives for the legal and compliance functions on a global basis; Counsel the Company’s regional businesses on day-to-day legal issues and support the company’s strategy; Lead implementation of the Company’s legal and compliance initiatives (e.g., 3rd party due diligence, contract management, and counterfeiting investigation processes); Conduct training on various legal topics. Qualified Lawyer; Fluency in at least one regional language (speaking, reading and writing) required; Fluency in business and legal English (speaking, reading and writing) required; Strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills; Experience working in matters hands-on as part of a multi-disciplinary team; 10+ years of professional experience/Experience working in a multi-national corporation; Experience working in a law firm; Proven experience in managing a broad range of legal issues. An attractive salary package in line with your knowledge and experience, up to 140k; An in… Original job ad is published on – Set up a Jobagent at StepStone now and find your dream job! For similar jobs, information on employers and career tips visit!

Match criteria: Legal, Manufacturing, 40 hours, Outside the Netherlands, Executive

Company name: Stepstone NL –

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Tipical Questions
Tell Me One Thing You Would Change About Your Last Job Beware over sharing or making disparaging comments about former coworkers or supervisors, as you might be burning bridges. But an additional trouble point in answering this query is showing yourself to be someone who can'??t vocalize their problems as they arise. Why didn'??t you correct the issue at the time? Be prepared with an answer that doesn't criticize a colleague or paint you in an unflattering light. A safe scapegoat? Outdated technology.
Questions to ask
Do you offer continuing education and professional training? This is a great positioning question, showing that you are interested in expanding your knowledge and ultimately growing with the employer.