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Information about SameSystem

SameSystem is a Software as a Service business competing in a fast-evolving and competitive market. The SaaS business has seen many successful companies across several markets, such as Salesforce for CRM and Zen-desk for customer service. SameSystem is a Workforce Management solution for the retail industry, and with a best-in-class approach, we have established ourselves as a market leader in many European markets. SameSystem is growing all over Europe, and this allows us to recruit ambitious and well-qualified colleagues.

Make your impact and be part of shaping the future for SameSystem.

SameSystem was founded in Copenhagen in 2008 and is what many consider to be the leading Retail Workforce Solution on the market.

The solution has an intuitive online interface, utilise first mover-technologies as iBeacon and digital signature, and has unlimited free support and market-leading integration. Everything is made for retailers — by retailers.

Clients include Bestseller, Pandora, Flying Tiger, Søstrene Grene, Normal, and more than 500 other local and international companies.

Using our tools, our customers are growing and expanding, both on existing and new markets, and we are looking for new capable colleagues to join our fast-growing company.

SameSystem consists of 50+ talented individuals situated in six countries. We have a motivating work environment, where we are eager to help each other. We are based on personal freedom and own initiatives, while still encouraging teamwork. In all respects, our customers are our highest and foremost priority.


Your role in the Company

SameSystem is growing radially in the German market, and we are looking for a representative that can handle our daily activities in this hugely potential market. You will:

  • Be overall responsible for the German market, handling all our German customers from our office in the Netherlands
  • Influence our approach to the entire market, with reference directly the CEO of SameSystem
  • Work  closely  together  with  management  and  operations  teams  of  some  of  Europe’s  most successful and progressive retailers.
  • Make a real difference for the clients, giving honest advice with no hidden agendas. SameSystems product is all-inclusive, with no options to upsell, and you will truly be helping the customers to achieve the best results possible.

We are based on personal freedom and own initiatives, while still encouraging teamwork.

Your responsibilities

  • Ensure smooth operations for both potential and existing clients, and maximise their gains in close dialogue with their operations
  • Optimising our system to run optimally in the German market
  • Conduct training sessions, both online and onsite, for new and existing customers
  • Sometimes working on and creating user guides, when necessary

At SameSystem we are highly motivated, and understand the importance of fast and reliable service. We expect everyone to take responsibility for their own tasks as well as feeling a commitment to the company.

Personal qualifications

We are looking for someone that will take ownership of the activities in the market, and act with the same level of commitment as if it was your own company. With the level of autonomy the position contains, you are as thorough as you are committed, being your own top critic and making sure everything you do live up to the highest standards.

You will be responsible for the market, so you will be responsible for carrying out all the necessary work initially, and a high degree of self-motivation is important. Being able to define your own workday is something that inspires you.

As your primary role is setting up and understanding our clients, who are all top retailers, you have a background in retail and have extensive knowledge of all parts of retail operations.

You find it easy to talk to people and are able to build relations with many people simultaneously. Sales to new clients is not your primary task, but you will be expected to participate in sales, and are comfortable being part of negotiations.

You are flexible and don’t postpone until tomorrow, what needs to be done today. Our clients are retailers, and they cannot wait for solutions, as turnover could be at stake. You feel it is natural to keep working until a case is solved, and will also travel when it helps a case.

You will be responsible for handling support in the German market, but will have a support team to go back to and get help from. As the market grows, your role in supporting the customers will be reduced and taken over by dedicated colleagues on a growing team.


Mandatory qualifications

  • Impeccable written and oral German
  • Fluent in written and oral Dutch
  • The ability to communicate in both written and oral English
  • Thorough understanding of retail operations in Germany
  • A flair for IT

Match criteria: Production, ICT, Sales representative, Key Account Manager, 40 hours, Germany, Non

Company name: Stepstone NL

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