Feb 192018

SODRAEP (“Société pour le Développement des Réseaux d’Assainissement et d’Eau Potable”), is a SADE Group subsidiary (itself belonging to Véolia Group) located in Belgium since 1980. It is a leader in civil engineering for water networks. Over the past ten years, SODRAEP has diversified its activities into hydraulic civil engineering, energy, telecoms, roads and utilities. With a workforce of 600 people, SODRAEP proposes its expertise and know-how with innovative technical solutions.


In order to strengthen its team based in Huizingen, Sodraep is looking for a:


Legal Advisor – Legal Officer

He/she reports to the CEO or CFO of the company, and is the legal business partner of the management and the operational managers.

He/she is in charge of all legal matters and in order of importance: public tenders law, social law, corporate law, etc.

The priority for Sodraep are all legal aspects related to the public tenders processes, contracts and documents. Nevertheless all other legal matters must me managed or coordinated by the candidate, including annual accounts publications, general meeting organization, etc.

He/she has an advisory role for the management team, but also a role of legal controller of the major files and projects.

He/she is in charge of the litigation management in collaboration, when needed, with designated lawyers to represent the company. Proactively, he/she put in place the necessary processes to avoid as much as possible such litigations.

He/she ensures the legality of the company decision-making procedures, as for instance the organization of the board of directors.

He/she defines and controls the right follow up of the guidelines and legal obligations given by the group.

He/she takes care of projects like the update of the employment regulations documents, subcontractors contracts, suppliers contracts, etc.


  • You have a Master in law (or similar)
  • You have 10 years of experience as legal advisor in or for a company, and experience with business contracts law in the construction business – public tenders law – social law – corporate law – …
  • You have a proven broader experience related to other corporate legal matters
  • You French or Dutch speaking with a good knowledge of the second language and English
  • You are proactive and autonomous, able to develop your function on your own and to be the legal business partner at all levels of the company
  • You have excellent communication and interpersonal skills


Match criteria: Telecom, Building Materials, Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing, Legal, 40 hours, Outside the Netherlands, Non

Company name: Stepstone NL –

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Tipical Questions
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