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To administer and supervise the operation of the Food and Beverage Department.  To ensure that the quality of food and beverage, and service is consistent with company guidelines.  To ensure the profitability of the Food and Beverage Department.

  • Circulates through each dining area to ensure guest satisfaction.  Sincerely seeks guest comments and quickly and willingly handles any complaints.
  • Checks dining room, service, and kitchen areas for cleanliness, proper set up, and sufficient supplies and equipment.        *
  • Prepares monthly forecasts for food and beverage needs and expenses.
  • Performs human resource functions for staff, including scheduling, evaluating, and training staff
  • Establishes and controls, through department heads, payroll & productivity and other operating expenses in the Food and Beverage Department
  • Monitors the profitability of functions to ensure quality and portion control while minimizing waste and broken or lost supplies.  Reviews monthly profit and loss statement and prepares critique and action plans for improvement as necessary.
  • Maintains cleanliness and respect of HACCP regulations through direct inspection continually during all hours of operation.
  • Updates prices and menu items accordingly.
  • Assists in taking inventories, purchasing necessary supplies, and controlling main distribution.
  • Assists in developing the annual Food and Beverage budget.
  • Designs concepts for promotional collaboration with Executive Chef
  • Holds periodic meetings with staff to review past and future performance of service, quality, and general information concerning guest and employee relations.

Minimum Knowledge
Requires thorough knowledge of a specialized or technical field.  May compile objective and measurable data and produce reports.  May require operating knowledge of manufacturing or computer equipment, or may require broad knowledge in clerical or service areas.

Formal Education and Job-Related Experience

This position requires a minimum formal education of an Associate’s degree and a minimum of three years job-related experience.

Required Languages

  • French
  • English
  • Dutch is a plus


External and Internal Personal Contact


Daily: Verbal, Written, Participating in meetings


Participating in meetings

Conducting meetings / leading group discussions


Consulting to others
Making formal presentations and speeches

Teamwork and Collaboration

This job is a team leader in the departmental work team.  Has responsibility and accountability for team activities.

Use of Judgment

Problem Solving

Identifiable – Information is clear but further investigation often is required in order to define problems and proceed.  Often requires modifying existing procedures / precedents within established policy.


General guidelines and references are used with some discretion.  Projects are assigned with latitude for decision making and setting of priorities.  Specific problems should be referred to supervisor for clarification of policies and procedures before proceeding.

Working Conditions and Physical Effort

Stress Load

Regular exposure to stresses.

Workload Fluctuation

The workload required to perform this job requires ability to adapt to change.

Manual Skills

Some portions (10 – 50%) of daily assignments involve application of manual skills requiring motor coordination in combination with finger dexterity, e.g., typing, handwriting, or machine operations.

Physical Effort

Some portions (10 – 50%) of daily assignments involve prolonged standing, transporting material or equipment, or lifting, moving, or carrying heavy (over 30 pounds) materials for intermittent periods throughout the day.

Physical Environment

Some portions (less than 50%) of daily assignments involve exposure to dirt, odors, noise, or temperature / weather extremes.  Working surfaces may be unleveled, slippery, or unstable.

Work Schedule

Work may require evening, night, holiday, or weekend assignments on occasion.  Schedule varies according to business demands and needs.

Occupational Risks

Some portions (10 – 50%) of daily assignments involve occupational risk, such as cuts, burns, exposure to toxic chemicals, injuries from falls, or back injury sustained with assisting in moving, lifting, or positioning equipment or materials.

Ergonomics Risks

Some portions (10 – 50%) of daily assignments involve ergonomic risk, such as regular repetitive tasks, forceful or prolonged exertions of the hands, vibration, cold temperatures, heavy lifting, pulling, pushing, or carrying of heavy objects, poor body mechanics, restrictive workstations, or awkward postures.


Responsible for reviewing, clarifying, and administering all safety related policies and procedures for a specific department of Dolce.

Required Travel

Position does not require travel to other Dolce properties or client locations.  Work is completed on the property

Dolce Hotels and Resorts offers a diverse, dynamic, and thriving environment that supports career development for all of our associates.

Match criteria: Hospitality, General Business, 40 hours, Outside the Netherlands, Non

Company name: Stepstone NL –

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