Feb 022018

To support the clients global expansion the company is significantly expanding their development team. The team currently consists of Front- and Back-End Developers as well UX Designers, split over four scrum teams.

As Front-End Developer you will play an important role in enhancing and safeguarding the usability of both their student-facing websites and their internal tools. You will be responsible for taking new ideas from their initial concept to a final implementation by combining their RESTful API with your knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

You will work in a multidisciplinary scrum team of about five people, taking input from our graphic designers, UX Designers and our Student- and University Value teams in order to realize the best implementations possible. In order to measure our effectiveness they are currently focusing very hard on their continuous deployment process.

  • At least a Bachelor’s degree, typically one combining aspects from Computer Science and Interaction Design.
  • The ability to write valid, semantically correct, HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Familiarity with JavaScript. You don’t have to be a “die-hard” coder, but they do expect you to quickly grow beyond copy-pasting from online examples.
  • You believe in a mobile first, responsive, approach to web development.
  • The ability to quickly visualize your ideas by using either graphical tools (such as Photoshop or Illustrator) or pen and paper prototypes.
  • You strive to stay informed of the rapidly changing online landscape. Technologies like Sass, Flexbox, Gulp and Handlebars have already spiked your interest and, if you’re not using them already, you can’t wait to start using them;.
  • You are comfortable with collaboration, open communication and reaching across functional borders as part of your day-to-day work.
  • Fluency in English, both oral and written, and excellent communication skills.
  • Ambition, energetic and an entrepreneurial drive, you can work well independently but definitely also in a team and you are fun to work with.

Match criteria: Education, Information Technology (ICT), Job, ICT, 2000 – 2300 Euro, 2700 – 3200 Euro, 2300 – 2700 Euro, Overig, Bachelor, Starter, 1 year, Company hire, Prov. North Brabant, English, Non

Company name: Undutchables Recruitment Agency BV

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Tipical Questions
Why Should I Hire You? The most overlooked question is also the one most candidates are unprepared to answer. This is often because job applicants don't do their homework on the position. Your job is to illustrate why you are the most qualified candidate. Review the job description and qualifications very closely to identify the skills and knowledge that are critical to the position, then identify experiences from your past that demonstrate those skills and knowledge.
Questions to ask
What can you tell me about your new products or plans for growth? This question should be customized for your particular needs. Do your homework on the employer’s site beforehand and mention a new product or service it’s launching to demonstrate your research and interest. The answer to the question will give you a good idea of where the employer is headed.